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pseudo arty-farty techno-look My full name is Coert van Gemeren. And I like playing techno records. Favorite producers at this moment are Marco Carola, Dave Clarke and Umek to name a few (of list that could be a lot longer). My favorite DJ's at this moment are Da Goose and Si Begg, I heard some very impressive sets of these guys. The most valuable record in my collection.. probably Red 3 by Dave Clarke (too bad it's not the red promo though wink!). So now you know... Go check you my mixes and music.
I produce a little too, but nothing really shabby yet...

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Latest news
May 2004, Mashmixen is zooo 2004
A.s. zaterdag cafe Hakuna in Oud-Beijerland ga ik wat met mashmixen aan de slag. Be there!

March 2004, New mixes online
I uploaded a couple of new mixes, go check it out at the music section!

October 8, I LOVE TECHNO .. I did't win, better luck next time!
Congratulations to DJ Rezza for winning the ILT DJ-Contest. The organisation was very cool in giving a VIP-ticket and a shirt to all finalists, so I'll be checking DJ Rezza out for sure!

October 2, I LOVE TECHNO!

Today I got a call from one of the organisers of I love Techno! I was selected out of 200 demos for the final pre-round with 11 other DJ's... Winner gets to play the Yellow room after Richy Hawtin!!!! big grin
Final pre-round is in Fuse in Brussels this Thuesday!

September 27, Dinges Oud-Beijerland
Next saturday (october 4th) I'll be playing in Dinges in Oud-Beijerland. Hopefully this will be the start of a new tech-house/techno night there together with DJ Morad!

August 11, FFWD Danceparade 2003
The FFWD Rotterdam Dance Parade was a huge success with about 400.000 visitors. At the Erasmus bridge the crowd was going so wild the police ordered all trucks to turn down the volume to protect the construction of the bridge! | :/
Check out the pictures section to see me in action on the danceparade!

August 2, FFWD Danceparade 2003
Just one week and then it's there! Be sure to check out the Pop-Unie truck where I'll be playing on!

June 12th, building the definitive database of electronic music...
Check out Discogs. I have made a start putting all my records into this great electronic music database. So if you are curious about the records in my cases, check it out!

May 14th, FFWD Danceparade 2003 is coming!
Check out FFWD Rotterdam Danceparade. The 2003 Rotterdam Dance Parade is coming, finally... after having had to wait a whole year, it's getting near again! Details on what I'll be doing will follow as soon as I know them.

February 5th, DJ Cryptor is no more. Just Coert from now on!
I decided that it's time to forget about DJ Cryptor, from now it's just gonna be Coert, no more and certainly no less! big grin. The URL is also going to change!

January 5th, DJ Cryptor fucks up Lenny Kravitz!
Check out the music section, after a lot of positive responses I decided to put the Lenny Kravitz mix of my new CD on-line! So be sure to check it out!

January 1st, A new mix CD for a new year!
Check out the music section to read all about my new mix CD called Mix002 (okay so I'm not big on CD titles wink!)!

December 14th - Cafe hakuna - I had a blast!
I was very flattered to find out I was made into a Wallpaper on the website of Cafe Hakuna!

Now go and make your desktop a happier place with... me! wink!

December 14th - Cafe hakuna - I had a blast!
Past saturday we had a blast at Cafe Hakuna! After a slow start things really started to get LOUD around 01.00. Thanx to all the people who came by big grin. Check my pictures to see a couple of photos of that night.

December 14th - Cafe hakuna
On saturday evening, december 14th, I will be playing my all music should be on... tunes all music should be on... at Cafe Hakuna, so come on by have a beer and dance to my tunes! big grin